The tuition fee for 2020/21 is £9,250. If you need help covering the tuition fee or require a maintenance loan please visit for further information. 

You could also qualify for a scholarship or bursary of up to £28,000 depending on your degree subject and qualification; please see the 2019/20 figures below. Bursaries and scholarships are available to trainees on a fee-based teacher training course in England that leads to the award of QTS. 

Maths trainees could receive up to £15,000 (after tax) in early-career payments once they are in the profession - £5,000 after three years and an additional £5,000 after five years, with an extra £2,500 in each payment for certain local authorities.* See the website for further details.

*Trainees must have A Level maths at grade B or above to qualify for the primary maths bursary.

You can find more information about funding and bursaries on the UCAS website and Get Into Teaching.

When to apply for finance

We would strongly recommend that you apply for student finance at an early stage to ensure funding; you do not need a confirmed place on a programme to do this. You can use your first choice of course to submit your application and update this later if you need to.