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What We Look For In Trainee Teachers

What we look for


We want someone who is passionate about their subject, about working with young people, and about changing lives. In our view, what makes you special is your knowledge and your love of your subject. We want to find people who want to share this with the next generation.


As a Trust, we are committed to delivering academic excellence for the young people of East Anglia, combining the highest quality teaching with the widest possible opportunities. Some of our school communities are located in areas of extreme socio-economic deprivation where a good education is even more important in improving young people’s life changes. It is our fundamental belief that all children can succeed, and we want people who hold this conviction at their core.


Teaching is a challenging profession. We will equip you with the skills and ensure you have the support to be successful, but we need people who can show us they have the ability to bounce back. Whether this is from a tricky lesson, or some difficult feedback, we want people who understand the challenges of the profession.


Being able to reflect is key to becoming an excellent practitioner in education. Our support, structures and systems will provide you with the opportunities to continuously reflect on and develop your practice, but we need people who are constantly seeking to improve and can effectively look inwards.