Our work on curriculum is nationally recognised. We believe in the power of knowledge and offer a knowledge rich curriculum in our schools. Giving all our pupils access to a high quality education and the best possible opportunities is key to social justice and narrows the achievement gap for our most disadvantaged pupils. 

With subject-specific knowledge at its heart, our curriculum is both inclusive and ambitious. Our teachers also draw on the latest evidence and research about what works in the classroom so our pupils can reach their full potential and achieve excellent outcomes. Where pupils have special educational needs, we also adapt our curriculum and teaching approaches to ensure all pupils can achieve and access the curriculum successfully. 

Alongside an academic, knowledge rich curriculum, we also offer high quality enrichment in our schools, placing a high value on the arts, sport and cultural pursuits.

Curriculum and teacher development

High quality curriculum and teaching goes hand-in-hand with great teacher development.
We know the difference an excellent teacher makes to our pupils and that is why we invest in our teachers, offering them great training and development.

Our teachers and schools are also supported by our central education team. Our team of central subject leads, school improvement experts and curriculum specialists provide dedicated support for our schools. Our central subject leads also add capacity by teaching in our schools. 

At the heart of our curriculum and teacher development strategy are our subject communities, which allow school subject leaders to come together and play a key part in developing and evaluating our curriculum. 

Using knowledge to improve key stage 2 reading

Many pupils in Norfolk and Suffolk leave Year 6 unable to read fluently. Progress post-key stage 1 slows and often collapses for disadvantaged pupils. The Inspiration Trust Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) Project aimed to improve reading outcomes for disadvantaged pupils by working with a cohort of 324 key stage 2 pupils from Year 4 into Year 5, over four academic terms (January 2018 - April 2019).

The pupil cohort was drawn from 11 primary schools: 10 based in Norfolk and one in north Suffolk.

Read the findings from the Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) project led by Inspiration Trust