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Why train to be a teacher?

Share your subject passion

As a recent graduate or a career changer, you’ll get the chance to use your experience and education to inspire young people, sharing your passion for your subject with a new audience.

Financial support for your training

There is financial support in place to make it easier to train as a teacher. During your training, you could benefit from a generous tax-free bursary of up to £26,000 or a prestigious scholarship; see the UCAS website and Get Into Teaching for information on funding and bursaries.

Strong starting salary

Starting salary for 2019/20 is £24,373. This could increase in areas or subjects where there is a shortage of qualified teachers. As your career progresses, you could earn up to £40,490 as a teacher, £62,735 as a leading practitioner, and up to £114,060 as a headteacher1 outside London, plus generous holidays, pension, and other benefits including student loan repayment refunds for teachers in key subjects and locations.

Make Mondays motivational 

Change a young person’s life for the better. Teachers make students curious, question, and criticise. Teachers make the frightened, confident. The uninterested, ambitious. And the gifted… brilliant. Teachers make young people achieve, more than they ever believed they could achieve. Teachers make CEOs, nurses, scientists, and engineers. It’s the one profession that starts every other.

Go home each day knowing you’ve made a difference. Teachers make their class take something home to think about at the end of the day, besides their homework. See young people progress day-to-day thanks to you.