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Show My Homework

Show My Homework is the platform we will use to help your child to continue their education during a school closure.

How do I log in?

Visit the Show My Homework website to log in.

Find out how to log in without your password by watching the video below:



If you're still unable to log in, there is support available for parents and pupils.

You can also email Ms Blake.


Where should work be completed?

Teachers will tell pupils via Show My Homework where work is to be completed. This could be one of the following:

  • Subject-Specific Exercise Books - in some cases pupils will have their normal exercise books and work will be done there
  • Home Working Exercise Book - all pupils have been given a blank exercise book in which work can be completed if they do not have an exercise book for a subject
  • Digital Files - pupils can complete work as a digital document.

How do I submit completed work?

Once work has been completed it needs to be submitted to the teacher. This can be done in a range of ways:

  • Teachers will ask you to take a photo of your work - alternatively, if you have a scanner at home you can use that
  • Work that has been completely digitally can be emailed to your teacher using your school email account
  • Work that has been completed in Google Docs can be share with your teacher

If you have problems submitting your work, contact the relevant teacher.

If work has not been submitted, your teacher will inform the Head of Year, who will then contact home to find out why work has not been done.