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Remote learning

If school is closed, students will need to continue their education at home - we call this remote learning. We want to minimise the impact to your child’s education and therefore we will be using Show My Homework to make sure learning can continue.

While school is closed we need you to support us in providing an education for your child(ren). Pupils should complete five hours of work per day, as if they were at school.

Information for families

How will my child receive an education during the school closure?

Teachers will be setting work for all pupils to do using an online platform called Show My Homework. This will be updated at least every week.  If you have questions about school closures, read our Q&A.

How do I support my child with their work?

We understand that full-time home learning is going to be a new experience for many of families. We have put together some tips for helping your child with their work:

  • A Work Space. Please try to provide a quiet workspace. This may be difficult in a house full of self-isolating people, but the fewer distractions the better.

  • Mobile phone and Internet use. Pupils will need to access the Internet for their work, but social media can be a distraction. It is a good idea to discuss this with your children, and perhaps delete or disable the most distracting apps until work has been completed.

  • Check Show My Homework and make a plan. It is worth at the start of each week checking the platform and getting your child to make a plan of when they are going to do certain pieces of work. A simple way of doing this would be for them to follow their normal school timetable.

  • Make sure to have breaks. It is important that pupils structure their day with regular breaks.

  • Exercise is important. As pupils will not be having regular PE lessons, it is important that they get the chance to be physically active.

  • Encourage reading. Pupils have received two reading books from the school library. We would recommend that a minimum of thirty minutes per day is dedicated to independent reading time.

What do I do if I'm worried about a child?

If you're worried about a child, you should follow our safeguarding process.