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Students experience a day in the life of a PE teacher

Published on 25/10/19

Students of Thetford Academy discover what a career in PE teaching entails at a Careers-lead experience day 

On Thursday 10th October, 14 year 9/10 students visited Easton college on a ‘How to be a PE Teacher’ experience day.

Students were firstly taught by some of the students on the Higher education sports courses. Students from Thetford and Old Buckenham quickly got talking to each other! This also allowed the HE students to explain their routes into University level courses.

They came from a range of backgrounds with a variety of aspirations which was great for the young students to hear.

After this, they heard from their teachers developing an understanding of their routes into teaching and the challenges that they had faced.

Students then had to say what they thought the role of a PE teacher was and what skills they need to do their job on a daily basis, this proved to be a myth busting session too!

This was followed by example lesson plans being provided to the students so they could gain an understanding on how to develop a session. They had a working lunch to plan then a 30 minute session which had to fit the brief which they then delivered a short part to the rest of the students in the afternoon.

They were honest in their self reflection and received some constructive criticism from teachers.

The day finished with a presentation about what opportunities Easton College could provide for students which left students beginning to think about careers and their futures.