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Teaching and learning

We believe in teacher–led lessons in a calm and focussed environment where every pupil can benefit fully from the subject expertise of the teacher. We teach pupils to:

  • Speak confidently in full sentences using advanced subject specific vocabulary
  • Use standard English appropriate to context in speaking and writing
  • Present their work very neatly
  • Check grammar and spelling systematically
  • Develop the habits of highly successful learners
  • Avoid common high frequency errors
  • Check their own work carefully
  • Practise at length
  • Revisit and revise key knowledge and so memorise effectively
  • Plan their time effectively
  • Develop self-control
  • Handle set-backs
  • Develop patience
  • Look for the root causes of difficulties
  • Adopt a systematic approach to tackling problems
  • Read carefully and be aware of detail
  • Fully understand examination criteria
  • Be calm and focussed when sitting assessments
  • Employ positive self-talk

To achieve this the academy:

  • Sets high expectations and aspirations for all pupils
  • Invests in teacher development through daily SLT drop-in and staff mentoring
  • Teaches a curriculum which focuses on strong foundations in the core subjects
  • Adopts a pre-emptive approach to eliminate common high frequency errors
  • Places a strong emphasis upon effective memorisation to build automaticity
  • Rewards and acknowledges positive choices very publically
  • Teaches pupils to overcome habits and attitudes that hold them back
  • Adopts a “no hiding place” approach to questioning and formative feedback
  • Plans lessons to maximise learning return on time invested
  • Teaches pupils the importance of character and personal responsibility
  • Offers support and guidance with respect to time management outside of school