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Student voice

We strongly believe that students should play a pivotal role in shaping the future of The Hewett Academy. Students from all years take part in setting the agenda for the school, with leadership opportunities as ambassadors, prefects, and head students, and the chance to represent their form groups on the school council.

School council

The school council meets weekly to discuss significant matters such as school uniform, organise fundraising events such as Sport Relief and Red Nose Day, and pass on ideas and concerns raised by other students.

The council is made up of students from each year group (Year 7 to Year 11) representing each of the three houses: Colman, Jewson, and Gurney.

Students are invited to nominate themselves to stand for election by classmates.

Head students

The academy has a head girl and head boy, together with deputy positions.

Students are invited to apply for the position in writing at the start of the academic year and are selected by the senior leadership team.


Prefects are selected from Year 11.

Their role is to support the academy staff around the school by encouraging good behaviour and the following of school rules and uniform requirements, and attend functions out of school hours such as open evenings and parental consultation evenings.


Ambassadors are selected from all year groups across the school. Their role is to assist with greeting guests and staff interviews, and attend functions out of school hours such as open evenings and parental consultation evenings.

Interview panels

Students help the leadership team to select candidates for vacant positions at the school. They write their own interview questions and conduct student panel interviews. They subsequently present their views about who should be appointed.