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Signing in

As we do not have a morning or afternoon registration time, your attendance will be recorded by lesson. A register will be taken in the first five minutes of each lesson, so please ensure that you are punctual. Break times have been allocated to ensure there is sufficient time to get to lessons.

You will be given a key card and ID badge to give you access to the building, a £5 deposit will be required for this. You need to keep this safe and will need to display your ID badge at all times.  Always use your card to get into the building, this will be used as a backup register in case of a fire so it is vital you use your card to enter the building. Your ID card will also be used when borrowing an iPad or Chromebook. If you arrive at school without a lanyard and photo ID a visitor lanyard will be issued; your parents will be informed if you forget your lanyard three times and you will be asked to buy a new lanyard and ID card at a cost of £5 if you forget your lanyard a fourth time.

You are able to leave the college in your free periods, as long as this privilege has not been removed due to concerns about your progress. You should not organise work or long-term activities during your free periods, unless this has been agreed by Mrs Barker. Please be aware, that even if agreed initially, this may be subject to change if concerns regarding your progress arise.

IMPORTANT – at no point should you allow another student to enter/leave the building with your key card. This may mean that our registers are inaccurate in the event of a fire or emergency. Students who have forgotten their card should go to the main reception where they will be let in. It is particularly important that you do not allow main school students to leave the building, as they are not permitted to leave the building during the school day without authorisation.

Other adults – it is also essential that you do not permit adults to enter the building, particularly if they are not wearing an appropriate ID badge. Letting unauthorised adults into the building could put students at risk. If you are concerned at any point about someone trying to gain access to the building then please speak to reception as this could be a safeguarding concern. 

Safeguarding posters are displayed around the building and leaflets are in reception if you are ever worried about a student being at risk in some way.