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Severe weather policy

Adopted: December 2014

Procedure for closure of an Inspiration Trust school due to severe weather

It is important that the Trust is prepared for the possible occurrence of severe weather which may lead to the closure of schools within the Trust.

The decision to close a school will never be taken lightly. A school closure has an impact on students, parents and the wider business community and the Trust fully appreciates and recognise this. The default position is always that the school is open as normal. However, the health and safety of all members of the community is of primary concern. Equally, the Trust is acutely aware of the importance of providing every opportunity for our students to learn.

Should severe weather occur overnight, the Principal will endeavour to make a decision by 6.30am about whether a school is going to be closed.

The decision will be made with full consultation with members of the school leadership team, the chair of governors, and the county transport operations manager. The chief executive officer and chief operating officer of the Trust will also be advised.

If a decision to close a school is made, the information will be communicated to students and parents using the following methods:

  • Announcements on BBC Radio Norfolk and local radio where possible
  • Announcement on the Trust's website:
  • Telephone answer service at the school (from 8am)
  • Message via Parent Mail or equivalent (email and text)

The Principal may also elect to delay the normal start time in order to let traffic calm or likewise end the school day early to ensure students get home safely.

Should there be the need to prolong closure of the school for more than one day, regular updates will be posted on the school website.