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Rewards policy

At The Hewett Academy we believe strongly that students can achieve great things if they put their minds to it. Our rewards policy encourages students to overcome challenges and develop a growth mindset in order to achieve their goals through practice and effort.

Rewards are there to acknowledge each individual student’s part in investing in their own education and future.

Our rewards policy promotes the Hewett Academy community, developing a sense of identity and belonging through the house system, by encouraging students to strive for rewards on behalf of their house as well as on an individual basis.

Rewards are given when a student:

  • Demonstrates significant effort, in lessons or outside of them, including demonstrating creativity and not being afraid to take risks with their learning and get things wrong.
  • Demonstrates excellent progress with their learning and achievement.
  • Demonstrates significant support for another student, for example encouraging them to develop their own growth mindset.
  • Demonstrates significant commitment to the Hewett Academy community.

R1. Tokens

Our staff will award a token to recognise efforts in the areas above. Form tutors will award a token for every week of full attendance. These will be cashed in at the school office and logged against the individual and house.

R2. Postcards and phone calls

Heads of house and heads of department will send postcards home to recognise effort, progress, and achievement. Class teachers will also make phone calls home to highlight positive learning behaviours and achievement.

R3. House assembly awards

Heads of house will recognise achievement, including attendance and house tokens, in house assemblies.

R4. Academy awards assemblies

Heads of house will recognise achievement, including attendance and house tokens, in half-termly assemblies. House awards will form part of these assemblies to further highlight individual achievement.

R5. Rewards trips

Throughout the year there will be opportunities for students to attend rewards trips. These rewards trips are to recognise the efforts of students in their pursuit of excellence.