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Every opportunity should be taken to praise students for excellent effort, achievement and behaviour. Everybody feels motivated by encouragement and praise. Students who work hard and behave well can expect to receive:

Praise from staff

  • Verbal or written acknowledgement of good work, effort, or behaviour

House points

  • Awarded for good work in class, ILTs, effort, contribution to class discussions
  • Representing the school in sports, music, drama, and community events
  • Can also be awarded for contribution to form time activities
  • Staff to record HP allocation on SIMS
  • Students keep their own record in their planner
  • Monitoring of accumulation to be done by form tutor via SIMS administrator
  • AHoH updated by form tutor. AHT implements awards below
  • Accumulation of HPs will lead to the following awards
  • 25 = Bronze blazer lapel badge, certificate and letter home (presented in house assembly)
  • 50 = Silver blazer lapel badge, certificate and letter home (presented in house assembly)
  • 100 = Gold blazer lapel cadge, certificate and letter home (presented in whole-school assembly)
  • When students are awarded a house point in lesson time they will be given a plastic counter in the colour of their house. The students will then place their counter in their respective house point counter tube (near student services). The house that reaches the top of the tube first will win a collective house reward such as a non‐uniform day or early access to break and lunch (each year group within the house on a different day within the week)

Bonus house points

  • At certain points, announced by SLT, within each half term:
    • HPs will carry a double award
    • HPs will be awarded for a SLT-nominated criteria such as 100% attendance for the week indicated, punctuality to lessons, correct uniform, correct equipment, positive attitude to learning

Gift vouchers

  • At the end of each term, attitude to learning winners will go into a prize draw for the opportunity to win a gift voucher. There will be four categories, with a differentiated value attached to the vouchers linked to the category.

Subject awards

  • Half‐termly certificates for excellence in quality of work or effort (presented in whole-school assembly)
  • Subject colours e.g PE, drama (presented in whole-school assembly)
  • End of year academic award (presented at awards evening)

April Fabb Cup

  • Awarded at the end of term for endeavour to one student from each house
  • Nominated by tutors and AHoH
  • Each student receives a cup to keep for a term and a pin badge to wear on their blazer

Attendance award

  • Weekly prize draw for ongoing continued 100% attendance (presented in whole-school assembly)

House awards

  • Weekly awards (certificate and confectionery) given for:
    • Form with most HPs gained for the week
    • Form with the best attendance for the week
  • AHoH will monitor and collate totals via SIMS administrator


  • Nominated KS4 students receive a congratulatory postcard from the Principal