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Principal speaks out on canteen plans

Principal of Cromer Academy Dr Baker met BBC News School Report journalists Luka Wrana and Tom Gray for a 'grilling’ about the new canteen.

Recently Dr Baker announced that Cromer Academy will be installing a new canteen. This is a very controversial topic because some students believe it will be beneficial for the school whereas others believe it will just be a nuisance and not solve the queuing problem.

However Mr Fields (a maths teacher at the school) felt that “having a new canteen at the Academy would be helpful and will solve the queuing issue”. He also added that the old canteen “should be turned into a classroom”. Miss Torin, a languages teacher, believed that the canteen would be “a big help because the current canteen is small and cold”.

Other teachers’ views

Miss Gee, the school librarian, said that “having a new canteen should reduce queues” and “will be a bigger and nicer space”.

Mr Speck said that “it will definitely reduce queues and it will be a nicer a place to eat”, adding that “there will be more time to enjoy the lunch break”.

Students' views

School Reporter: “Do you think the new canteen will be helpful for the school?”

Ollie & Cameron (Year 7): “Yes, because there will be more space.”

Student (Year 10): “Yes, I think it will be beneficial because it will give more room and should be warmer, so it will be easier to enjoy and you don’t have to queue for a long time.”

Student (Year 10): “No, I don't think it will help because it will attract other people and there will be less room.”

Charlie (Year 8): “I think the idea is great. There will be more room and more time to eat food. The only issue is the location.”

BBC School Reporter: “Will this help the school?”

Charlie: “I think so, yes because space is important.”

Lewis (Year 8): “I think the the new canteen will be a great feature although lots of people will go this could result in overcrowding.”

Year 9 pupils Aiden and Sam have contrasting opinions because Aiden believes it is not suitable for the school whereas Sam thinks it will be a massive help to the school's popularity.

We also recently interviewed Dr Baker himself. Two BBC School Reporters were sent to get information directly from Dr Baker who was ‘grilled’ by our team regarding funding for the canteen project as well as gathering details about how this facility will benefit students in the long term.

You can see the interview below.

In conclusion, this shows that the good points about the new canteen outweigh the bad, however some students are still unsure about the changes.