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Penalty points

One penalty point may be given in each of the following circumstances:

Reason Action/by whom Recording of incident

Incorrect uniform

Incorrect jewellery

Extreme hair dye/style

See uniform code 

Students sent to behaviour team in the REP at the start of the school day

BT contact parents and clarify the situation. Possible outcomes may include:

  • Arrangements made for correct uniform to be brought to school
  • Student allowed to return to lessons with explanation note written in planner by BT
  • Student is isolated in the REP until the issue is resolved

Incorrect items of uniform and jewellery will be confiscated and retained by the BT until the end of the school day

SIMS by behaviour team

Behaviour team to monitor recordings

Student does not have equipment for learning (3 Ps - pen, pencil, planner)

Form tutor - only one pp (daily) given if student does not have a complete set

Tutors will be provided with a limited amount of loan pens and pencils

SIMS by form tutor
Eating sweets, crisps, chewing gum, drinks other than water in lesson time or in incorrect areas at break and lunch (see sanctions policy)*

Class teacher or duty staff to confiscate items

Students can collect drinks at break, lunch, or end of school day

Sweets etc collected at end of day

SIMS by all staff
Mobile phone, music device, electronic games device seen in the classroom*

Item is confiscated by class teacher, put in envelope and taken to student services

The student may get it back at the end of the school day

SIMS by all staff
Homework not done without good reason Class teacher SIMS by class teacher

Late to lessons without good reason

Students late to school without good reason will report to the BT and be placed in ten-minute break or lunch detention but will not be given a penalty point

Class teacher sends students to REP

Behaviour managers record late and set detention and contact parents if no valid reason given

SIMS by class teacher

*Refusal to hand over items will result in procedures at fourth incident stage of low-level disruptive behaviour sanctions system or section B of serious disruptive behaviour sanctions system. See the sanctions policy for more information.

Once six penalty points have been accumulated

Once a student has accumulated six penalty points they will be placed in a SLT after-school detention (Fridays).

Should a second set of six PPs be accrued then the AHT will implement relevant intervention strategies such as:

  • Tutor mentoring/support
  • Meeting with parents
  • Monitoring report
  • Peer mentoring/support
  • Mini pupil support plan