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Behaviour outside the Academy

Following the reporting of a specific incident to the academy the procedures below will be put into place. Precise action will be determined by the nature of the incident. Below are guidelines for initial action.

With all off‐site visits the lead teacher should inform in advance, in writing, all students and parents of the expected behaviour standards.

Academy-organised or related activity

  • Lead teacher assesses level of seriousness and records incident.
  • Low level could result in lead teacher giving a verbal warning/reprimand and department after-school detention, and parents contacted.
  • If serious then relevant student(s) may need to be isolated from rest of group under supervision of supporting staff (this may also include seating arrangements within mode of transport).
  • Upon return to school the lead teacher will contact parents and consult with the assistant head of house.
  • If the activity is a residential it may be deemed appropriate that arrangements are put in place for the relevant student(s) to be sent home early.
  • Follow‐up action will be implemented depending upon the nature of the incident, e.g SLT detention, internal or external fixed-term exclusions, monitoring report.
  • The student(s) involved may lose the privilege to attend any further off‐site events.
  • In all incidents the student(s) involved must write a letter of apology to the relevant people affected by their behaviour.
  • A formal letter of apology should also be sent by the lead teacher following consultation with the Principal.
  • Please also refer to the educational visits officer for incident report documentation that may need to be completed.

When a student is:

  • Travelling to or from the academy
  • Wearing the academy uniform
  • Identifiable as a student at the academy
  • Repercussions for the school
  • Posing a threat to another student
  • Could adversely affect the reputation of the academy

then the following guidelines apply:

  • The assistant head of house will investigate by taking witness statements where possible.
  • Parents will be contacted immediately.
  • Safeguarding concerns considered e.g are other adults involved, use of social network sites.
  • Relevant authorities to be contacted if illegal actions have been committed by the student(s) or others that are connected with the incident.
  • Follow‐up action may include sanctions identified above but may include restorative action. Consideration will also need to be given the victim's views/wishes e.g bus company, members of the public.