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Local advisory body

The local advisory body is a forum for parents, teachers, and school leaders to come together and share ideas and views about the school. These are fed back to the local governing body.

Elections are held for the body, or members may be appointed where the positions are not contested.

We currently have two vacancies for parent members. Click here for more information about our parent member elections.

As of January 2016, the membership is:

  • Vicky Bailey (Jane Austen College parent)
  • Graham Colman (Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form teacher)
  • Louise Culley (Jane Austen College parent)
  • Anthony Denny (Jane Austen College parent and chair)
  • Cathy Fiddy (Jane Austen College parent)
  • Claire Heald (Executive Principal)
  • Ruby Hutchins (Jane Austen College teacher)
  • Naomi Potter (Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form parent)
  • Liz Service (Jane Austen College parent)
  • Barry Stevens (Jane Austen College parent)
  • Laura Taylor (Jane Austen College staff)
  • Bianca Finger-Berry (Jane Austen College parent)
  • Rebecca Handley-Kirk (Head of Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form)