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At Jane Austen College, developing reading, writing and speaking skills is at the centre of all that we do. 

Shared reading

As part of our ‘shared reading’ programme, form groups read a challenging literary text together, such as Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped, J R R Tolkien's The Hobbit or Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist, exposing our students to new vocabulary and the wealth of knowledge that lies between the pages of these fantastic books. This takes place twice a week with the programme of form time activities.

Cultural capital

Students read widely and broadly through our ‘cultural capital’ programme during prep. Each student has their own prep anthology,  which exposes them to a wide range of powerful ideas, important individuals and rich, vital cultural knowledge. 

Expressive Writing

All Year 7 students receive additional reading and writing instruction twice a week during prep.

Reading ambassadors

Several students in Y10 and the sixth form were recently appointed as reading ambassadors for the school. Their primary role is to be a reading mentor for our Y7 students; each ambassador visits an assigned form group once a week and reads one-to-one with the students in that form group. 

School library

Students have regular access to our fantastic library, situated on the top floor of the college, with beautiful views across the city.

The library is open every day during breaks and lunchtimes, and is staffed by our school librarian, Mr Welton, and our knowledgeable team of school librarians. All form groups also visit the library once a fortnight. If you would like to visit the library, please get in touch.

Reading and writing enrichment

Reading for pleasure is vitally important at Jane Austen College. Please take a look at our recommended reading list if your child is unsure of where to start.

If your child is currently studying for their GCSEs, please take a look at our recommended GCSE reading list

Staff and students at Jane Austen College are running a number of reading and writing competitions. Recent and current activities include:

  • Sponsored read: organised by our student librarians, we are raising money for ‘Read for Good’, a charity that provides reading resources for children in hospital.  Students can collect a sponsorship card and ask family and friends to sponsor per book read. At the end of the autumn term, we will collect in all cards and money raised and celebrate the students who have read the most books for charity
  • National schools handwriting competition: for 11-13 year olds (and school staff!). Students are invited to write out their own poem or a suggested text. The competition closes March 11, 2018.
  • Canterbury Tales writing competition: Students can choose to write a poem about a journey; write a short ‘beast fable’ (like the Nun’s Priest’s Tale) which explores an important issue through animal characters; write a General Prologue entry for an imaginary pilgrim, based upon a modern day occupation. eg. The Nurse, The Investment banker or The Youtuber. The piece should be no more than 500 words and submitted by January 31, 2018. The competition will be judged by Stephen Fry, Patience Abigail and Gail Ashton, with a top prize of £300.

Parent reading survey

We would be very grateful if you could complete a short survey about your child’s reading to help us as we continue to improve the standards of reading in school. Please click here to complete the survey. Thank you.