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Learning agreement

Adopted: December 2014

Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form has some specific student requirements:

1. Complete all the courses you start

If you are having difficulty with a course, talk to the teacher or your group tutor. There is usually a solution. Don’t suffer in silence and don’t just stop going.

2. Attend all lessons and tutorials and arrive on time

If you miss lessons or are late, you will fall behind and have extra work to do later. Never take holidays during term time.

3. Commit to sustainable travel

There is no parking on site, and we request that no students get ‘dropped off’ outside the building. The school has cycle racks and changing facilities, including showers.

4. Bring everything that you need to classes and tutorials

This will vary from session to session, but will usually include a file, paper, and pens. Teachers and your tutor will give you more information on this.

5. Work hard in all classes and tutorials

Make notes about the main points covered, complete all tasks to the best of your ability, answer questions and join in activities. Attendance at all tutorial sessions is compulsory.

6. Work hard in free periods and at home

You should expect to spend about the same time working outside classes as in them – around 4-5 hours per subject per week. This will include reading and research, making notes and completing written work to be handed in. Remember, the more work you can do in free periods in school, the less you will have to take home.

7. Be organised

Keep your file in order, plan your work and allow plenty of time to complete it. Being disorganised is stressful and will lead to worse results. (Your form group tutor will advise you on ways to stay organised, and will regularly ask to go through your files with you.)

8. Treat others with respect

Always treat other people as you would want them to treat you. This includes respecting their right to learn by never disrupting lessons. We expect you to engage positively with all learning activities, even those you find challenging or unusual.

9. Be healthy and safe

This includes always following safety instructions. Also, don’t: obstruct corridors by sitting in them; take food or drink into classrooms, laboratories and study spaces (bottled water is acceptable in classrooms); play ball games on school property; smoke on the school site.

10. Look after your school environment

Don’t damage school buildings, furniture or equipment, or drop litter.

Suspected theft and possession of illegal items

On rare occasions students may need to have their possessions or their clothing searched in light of suspected involvement in a crime. We will do this sensitively with two members of staff present.

Problems and consquences

We want you to fully enjoy your time at Sir Isaac, and leave with excellent qualifications that do justice for your abilities and hard work and take you onwards to an exciting future.

Sir Isaac Newton students will be successful if they follow the information detailed above in the learning agreement.

For students who fall short of the learning agreement there are consequences:

  • Parents or carers can be contacted and asked to come and discuss solutions to the problem with your tutor and or a member of the senior leadership team
  • Having to pay your own exam fees
  • Being removed from an individual AS or A2 course or courses
  • Being forced to leave the school or not being allowed to return next year

Sharing experiences at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form

Your experiences at school will often be recorded in pictures and on video. We use such material in lessons but also to showcase the life of our students on our website and in our promotional materials.

Leaving the school site

Students are permitted to leave the school site during lunch and free periods.