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Healthy eating

At Norwich Primary Academy we promote healthy eating to make sure children have the energy and nutrients they need to work and play.

Breaktime snacks

Children may bring fruit or vegetables to school for their breaktime snack. Please do not send your child with crisps or chocolate bars for breaktime.

Healthy lunchboxes

A healthy and colourful lunchbox will help your child to concentrate and work hard all day. Here are some ideas of what you could include:

  • a sandwich with cheese, ham, tuna, egg, or hummus
  • fresh vegetables such as cucumber or carrot sticks
  • fresh fruit such as an apple or satsuma
  • a sweet treat such as a yoghurt, cake, or flapjack
  • a drink such as water, milk, or low-sugar squash

Water bottles

Children may drink water in classrooms and at lunchtimes - please make sure their bottle is labelled. Please do not put squash or juice in your child's bottle.

Chewing gum and sweets

Chewing gum and sweets are not allowed in school. If found these will be held by teachers and returned at the end of the school day.