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Guide for students

Positive behaviour procedure

We want to reward you for doing well. You can all do well.

  • Good behaviour will be rewarded with house points.
  • Good attendance will be rewarded with house points.
  • Excellent progress can be rewarded with house points.

Your teacher will reward you with a sticker. Each sticker is worth points.

  • Bronze sticker = 1 house point
  • Silver sticker = 3 house points
  • Gold sticker = 5 house points

Collect your stickers from your teachers and get them signed off by your form tutor during form time. Your form tutor will add your total for the week to the database.

Points = prizes!

You can use these points to buy prizes from the rewards shop.

Negative behaviour procedure

Poor behaviour in a lesson can result in the following:

Three warnings inside the lesson:

  • Your teacher will tell you to change your behaviour. This is your 1st warning.
  • Your name is written on the board.
  • Your name gets a tick. This is your 2nd warning.
  • Your name gets a second tick. This is your 3rd warning.
  • If you do not stop, you will be sent outside for a couple of minutes.
  • Your teacher will speak to you outside the lesson.
  • Your teacher will record this on the behaviour log.

If you continue to behave poorly you may be removed from your lesson and sent to a senior member of staff.

All poor behaviour is added to the behaviour log.

The behaviour log is checked each week by heads of house and your tutor.

If there are several instances of poor behaviour on the log your head of house or assistant head of house will ask your parent or carer to come to school for a meeting. This is called a 'Signs of safety' meeting.

You will have a plan to improve your behaviour.

You will be put onto a personal behaviour log which will be monitored by your head of house, assistant head of house, and tutor.