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Corridor protocol

The instructions below should be passed onto students during form time, house assemblies, and PSHEE lessons as part of ‘rights and responsibilities’. 

At the end of each lesson carry out the following procedures:

  • All students stand quietly behind their chairs/desks.
  • Dismiss the students in stages e.g one row/group at a time.
  • Students to leave quietly.
  • After the last student has left, staff should stand in corridor/doorway of classroom and monitor and control, when necessary, student movement.
  • Student movement between lessons and all other times in the corridors and walkways is expected to be calm by walking, no running, pushing, shoving, shouting, or inappropriate language.

On arrival at a classroom for the next lesson, either:

  • Invite students into the classroom immediately (preferable if the member of staff is present); or
  • Request that they line up quietly and orderly along the wall side of the classroom (all students should be made aware that this is the expected procedure if the class teacher is not present).
  • Staff already in corridor/outside their classroom should support any colleague yet to arrive by supervising the lining up of students.

One‐way system during lesson 1-2 and 3-4 changeover:

  • A one‐way system will operate through the maths block heading towards the library.
  • Students going to the maths block must go via either the gym walkway or the assembly hall corridor.

Walking on the left:

  • At all times in all corridors/walkways students and staff should walk on the left side.

Politeness and courtesy at doorways:

  • All students should show respect towards each other and all adults by holding the door open and not barge through.
  • In return students who show politeness and courtesy should expect to be thanked for their actions.

Break and lunchtimes ‐ food, drinks, and loitering:

  • Food and drinks must not be consumed in the corridors or on the sports field or astro pitch.
  • Food and drinks can be consumed in the canteen, assembly hall, picnic and outside areas.
  • Students are not to loiter in the corridors.


  • Hot drinks must not be consumed in the corridors or carried to a classroom unless in a container that has a lid.