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Behaviour and values

At Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form we have the highest expectations when it comes to the behaviour of our students. All students and staff are expected to adhere to our clearly articulated key values and behaviours. These underpin the culture of excellence, equality, high expectation and aspiration that we are rightly determined will pervade all aspects of our school life. Our core tenets are:

  • Highest standards: All members of the Sir Isaac Newton community are expected to constantly strive to reach the highest of standards - in their work, in their efforts, in their relationships with each other, in their language, and in their conduct. 
  • Academic mastery: Our goal is to develop full academic mastery of the knowledge contained within the different disciplines being studied. Teachers teach in order to allow learners to develop full mastery. Students continue to grapple with difficult or voluminous material until they develop full mastery.
  • Limitless support: In order for our young people to achieve the success that they deserve they must be given limitless support. And some more.
  • Data driven: We will seek to collect relevant information to ensure that all students within Sir Isaac Newton are achieving their full potential.
  • Evidence led: Our practices will be led by evidence. Our teaching, learning and assessment practices will be led by evidence from educational effectiveness research, both that which is published in the literature and from our own work.
  • Knowledge creating: We will add to the professional knowledge base by sharing our work at Sir Isaac Newton. We will define a contemporary, effective pedagogy that enhances achievement in maths and the sciences and ensure that it has impact worldwide.

Although we are proud of our happy and supportive community, there may be times when students need help and intervention in managing their behaviour. For more information on this, see our behaviour policy.

Student wellbeing

Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form has been accredited with an AcSEED Award for looking after the emotional wellbeing of its students.

The award recognises that the sixth form follows best practices which include recognising the importance of emotional wellbeing, supporting students with mental health issues, and promoting positive interpersonal relationships at the school.

The accreditation was awarded by the AcSEED Initiative, which was founded by young people with direct experience of mental illness at a young age.

It promotes the importance of the school environment in children’s emotional development and encourages schools to provide high-quality emotional wellbeing services, from the broad provision of information through to appropriately targeted intervention.

For more information about the AcSEED Initiative, visit