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Behaviour and rewards

We have promote a positive, caring attitude amongst our pupils and staff whilst focusing on effective learning.

Pupils are expected to follow our school rules at all times. Appropriate attitudes to learning and good behaviour are nurtured by reinforcing and rewarding good behaviour and through daily modelling of these attributes by staff.

Regular reminders of our code are achieved through curriculum activities as well as through tutor time and assemblies. An emphasis on active citizenship and personal development is encouraged in all lessons and strong, mutually beneficial relationships are nurtured throughout the academy.

Ofsted visited in February 2018 and were hugely impressed by the calm and orderly learning environment which prevails throughout the school:  

During this unannounced inspection, all of the large number of pupils who spoke with inspectors said that they now feel safe at school. Pupils moved around the school site in an orderly manner and behaved very politely and respectfully to their peers and to adults. They wore their uniform with pride, arrived at lessons promptly, and settled down to learning quickly. In all lessons visited, learning took place in a calm and orderly environment. Relationships between pupils and teachers were positive, and consequently pupils had the confidence to ask and to answer questions. Pupils behaved well, both when interacting with their teachers and when working on their own. As a result, they worked hard, completing tasks in a focused manner. During break periods, pupils socialised with each other amicably.

Leaders and teachers respond to poor behaviour robustly, but also priority is given to encouraging and rewarding positive conduct and relationships through what you describe as a ‘warm, but strict’ approach to discipline.

Heads of Year, form tutors and our SEND department play a pivotal role in ensuring that all pupils are cared for and safe, and that every pupil’s learning needs are met.

At Charter, there is a very strong staff presence at the start and end of the school day, at lesson changeovers, at break, at lunch and around the entire school site.

Tackling bullying

Every pupil has the right to work and socialise at the school without fear of intimidation, threats or rudeness. Every pupil has the right to be treated with respect.

Experience tells us that many children are bullied via social media. There are, of course, a host of other problems including sexting, grooming and radicalisation, which can all be directly linked back to children’s use of social media and the internet.

We strongly advise families to restrict their children’s access to the internet and to closely monitor their children’s use of mobile phones. Similarly, we strongly advise families to stop their children using social media.

Pupils are not allowed to bring mobile phones, or any other form of electronic equipment on to the school site. If such an item is seen or heard, it will be confiscated for six weeks.

The academy's anti-bullying action plan includes:

  • Developing an ongoing study of black spots at the academy where bullying has occurred in the past so that these areas can be monitored and managed
  • Providing information and guidance to all pupils on how to deal with bullies and bullying behaviour as well as how to support other pupils that are suffering at the hands of bullies.
  • A regular review of staff duties to ensure optimum monitoring of the academy.
  • Senior members of staff monitoring arrivals and departures from the academy.
  • Staff members in all corridors during lesson changes; pupils lined up and escorted into classrooms under supervision.

What to do if you suspect bullying

If you believe another pupil is being unkind to your child, please contact the school immediately. This may be a small issue, but it important that we know. At Charter, we teach pupils the importance of mutual respect and of supporting one another. We do not tolerate unkindness.

Please encourage your child to tell their head of year as soon as any issue arises. Please encourage your child to also tell their form tutor. Any issues will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with.

We set high standards for our pupils. We expect pupils to carry these high standards out into the community. We teach our pupils that they are “Charter 24/7” and, as such, we expect their behaviour beyond school to be as exemplary as it is within school.