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At Cromer Academy we have high expectations of student behaviour and we are proud of our friendly and supportive school environment.

We aim to create an ethos where:

  • Hard work, achievement and attainment are consistently rewarded and celebrated

  • Sanctions are fair and fairly implemented

  • Equality and diversity among students are embraced and mutual respect is encouraged

  • Communication between staff, students, and parents is efficient, consistent, and effective

  • The whole Academy curriculum supports excellent behaviour for learning

The behaviour policy remains unchanged for 2019, except that we are separating out detentions for penalty points (held after school) from homework ones (held during enrichment).  We are, however, focusing on some key areas:

  • Assemblies will be led by the leadership team with consistent weekly themes.  Each year group will have an attached member of the leadership team who will also attend (Yr7 Mr Martin, Yr8 Mr Little, Yr9 Mr Leece, Yr10 Mr Posthill, YR11 Mrs Pearce).  The assembly room will be in silence. Tutors must monitor their form groups and take note of any student who talks - for whatever reason - during the assembly.  Talking in assembly will result in an immediate after school detention. The assembly will begin and end with a set slide that shows the school values.

  • We have made huge strides in reducing lateness to school but it does still happen.  We also understand that occasionally ‘stuff happens’ and a student may be late. Therefore we will give all students 2 ‘late passes’ for the year.  We will not record as late when there is an unusual occurrence such as weather conditions (snow) or where public transport lets us down. On the third late, the student will be placed in after school detention (and every late there after).  The parents will be called and a meeting held with them and the Head of Year / member of Leadership team for every 3 lates until the issue is tackled.

  • Students are rightly proud of their school uniform but occasionally it is not worn correctly.  We understand that sometimes things go wrong, so from 2019 each student will get two uniform ‘passes’.  They get these stamps at Rep. If the incorrect item is ‘small’ (tie or socks) then a replacement will be provided.  On the third occasion of incorrect uniform, a detention will be issued and the parents contacted. If the incorrect item is a ‘large’ item (blazer, skirt trousers) then on the third occasion the student will be placed into Rep for the day to learn there.  We believe this is a balanced approach.