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Enrichment and Cultural Capital

We strongly believe it is the role of the Academy to introduce students to, and promote, new knowledge of things outside of the sphere of their everyday lives.  We want them to encounter the best that has been thought and written in both their academic curriculum but also in the wider opportunities provided by the school.  We do this in the following ways:

  • All students have access to an enrichment block on a Wednesday (Yrs7-10) or Friday (Yr11) afternoon.  These enrichments should be high quality and, whilst they are not formally taught elements of the curriculum, they are based around either the chance to volunteer, developing a new skill or taking part in a physical activity.  Students could take an enrichment to develop their depth of interest in a certain subject (e.g. drama or science) or to try something completely new (e.g. golf or building drones). There are some opportunities (e.g. the DofE or IDEA) to obtain extra qualifications or awards.

  • We believe world travel is essential to developing cultural capital beyond both what we understand in the UK and, to some extent, beyond even Europe.  We have a four year running programme of trips outside of Europe to do just that. These are: 2019 Ski Trip, 2020 Zanzibar, 2021 Iceland, 2022 New York & Washington DC.

  • At the end of each year, we dedicate a few school days to really developing our love of subject and broad understanding through an activities week based around curriculum areas.  During this time, students sign up to various workshops, trips and activities that sharpening their academic understanding but also work to develop their social, moral and cultural understanding.

  • During the academic year we have a series of planned school trips and events to enhance and enrich learning.  For example, we are a partner school of the Norwich Theatre Royal to help deliver Shakespeare to Key Stage 3 and also work with Shell UK on STEM workshops.

  • Our library is an essential part of our enrichment and cultural offer to students, offering a wide variety of high quality resources to help students understand the hinterland around their subjects.

  • We offer students a chance to be informed with current affairs and the news by buying in newspapers, showing news channels through the TV and developing an appreciation of Art History and music (through the curriculum).