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Acceptable use policy for staff using school ICT resources


This acceptable use policy has been created with three items in mind:

  • To keep staff, students and their work safe.
  • To prevent damage to school property and protect the school’s computer network.
  • To comply with appropriate legislation including the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

These rules are kept under constant review and will be updated periodically.

Internet access

Before being granted internet access, staff are required to sign a form acknowledging their understanding of the school’s acceptable use policy. The school’s network manager will keep a record of this.

In common with other media some material available via the internet is unsuitable for students and staff. Cromer Academy uses sophisticated filtering software and takes all precautions to ensure that users only access appropriate material. However, due to the continually changing nature of internet content, it is not possible to guarantee that unsuitable material will never occur on a school computer. The school cannot accept liability for the material accessed, or any consequences of internet access. If staff discover unsuitable sites which have not been automatically blocked by the school’s monitoring software, the URL (address) and content must be reported immediately to the network manager.

Staff are made aware that the use of computer systems without permission or for inappropriate purposes could constitute a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.


Each member of staff will have their own email address on the school’s networked system. Staff will undertake not to use email in any way that may bring the school into disrepute, this includes anything libelous, defamatory or criminal.

The school website

The school’s website exists to celebrate children's work, promote the school and publish resources for parents and students. Photographs, video and sound files featuring staff can only be used on this site if they consent. The school keeps a record of all students whose images can be used and this should be checked by staff before publication. Under no circumstances should the address or other personal details of students be published.


The following rules apply to all staff:

  • I will only use my own login and password, which I will keep secret.
  • I will only use my login for my own use. I will not log myself onto the network for other staff or students’ use or attempt to log in as a different user.
  • All logons using my login name will, therefore, be entirely my responsibility. Login details for laptops must be kept separate from device.
  • I will not attempt to visit inappropriate websites or search for inappropriate images (e.g. images of a sexual, violent or drug-related nature).
  • I understand that accessing certain websites (usually related to child pornography) could be a criminal offence and that the school is obliged to pass my details on to the police.
  • I understand that attempting to ‘hack’ into the school’s, or any other network, or spread viruses could lead to criminal prosecution.
  • I will not download or load software onto the network or IT equipment without the prior knowledge and authorisation of the network manager. Only software purchased and/or approved by the IT manager may be used on corporate hardware.
  • I will not load inappropriate images onto the school’s network.
  • I will not attempt to bypass the school’s network security systems, or in any way attempt to gain access to these security systems. This includes using proxy servers.
  • I agree that the equipment provided by the school is the property of the school and as such will be handed back should I leave the school.
  • I agree not to move or pass on the IT equipment supplied to me to a different location or to any other person without the prior agreement of the network manager.
  • When booking and using a computer room, I will take responsibility for ensuring the room is locked after my use. I will notify the network manager immediately if any damage is noted.
  • I take responsibility for all ICT equipment issued to me and will take reasonable precautions to protect it. I will secure laptops in a locked office or locked cupboard overnight and ensure the laptop is not left in a car or other vehicle overnight.
  • Anti-virus software is updated regularly on computers accessed by the network. It is important staff ensure the anti-virus is update regularly on their laptops. The IT manager will aid this process.
  • I understand that I am responsible for all emails sent by me. I understand that emails are regarded as legal documents in English law and as such undertake not to send anything libelous, defamatory or that may bring the school’s name into disrepute.
  • I understand it is not permitted to access or send electronic communications from another employee’s personal account either directly or indirectly, unless written approval is obtained.
  • I undertake to reasonably ensure that care is taken not to introduce viruses, bugs or other things which may cause damage to the school’s network and IT equipment, especially when using removable storage devices, e.g. USB pen.
  • I know that the school will monitor my network and internet use and will keep a record of all the sites that I visit and internet searches that I carry out.
  • I understand that reasonable personal use of the computer facilities is allowed, provided there is no conflict with the interests or requirements of the Inspiration Trust. The Inspiration Trust does not accept any liability for any personal loss or damage incurred through using the corporate computing facilities for private use.

If these rules are broken, disciplinary procedures may be invoked. Where applicable, the police or local authorities will be involved.


Please complete and return this form to the network manager.

Staff agreement

I have read and understood the school’s staff acceptable use policy for ICT. I understand that should I disregard these rules when using the school’s ICT resources, I may be liable to disciplinary proceedings and, if appropriate, the police and local authorities may become involved.

Staff signature                                                                                               Date           /        /

Consent for use of images

I give permission for my image (photograph, video or audio) to be used on the school’s website and in promotional photographs and press releases subject to the safeguards outlined in the acceptable use policy.

Staff signature                                                                                               Date           /        /


The school acknowledges the above signature and therefore grants internet access and use of ICT facilities.

Signed                                                                      (Authorised signatory)    Date           /        /