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Academy life

Our curriculum provides a wide range of subjects making sure that each pupil has the opportunity, as they move through the school, to tailor the choice of subjects to their particular strengths.

It is important that pupils all achieve excellence in English, maths, and science and we focus on numeracy and literacy skills from the moment they enter the academy.

During their early years pupils will study subjects including art, biology, chemistry, computing, English, French, geography, history, maths, music, physical education, physics, religious education, Spanish, and technology.

As they progress through the academy and choose their subjects they will receive the support and guidance of the school staff who encourage pupils to challenge themselves and achieve even more ambitious goals.

The academy day runs to a common format: tutor time at 1.00pm or 1.30pm. Tutors are able to get to know their pupils so that they can support them appropriately throughout the year.

There are five one-hour classes with break time and lunch time that leads to the end of the formal school day at 3.00pm. On a Tuesday and Thursday Year 11 stay for an intervention session until 4.00pm.

After school there are voluntary homework and sports clubs to encourage pupils to ensure they have completed their school work or taken part in an activity that builds their confidence and encourages teamwork.

The school is divided into four colleges: Alpha, Delta, Gamma and Omega. Each pupil is allocated to a college and we hope they will represent their college in one or more of the competitions that run through the school year.

Achievement points are accumulated for school work and other activities and these lead to an awards ceremony at the end of term.