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Able, gifted and talented policy


The Academy strives to provide an outstanding education for all pupils in our care. We recognise that pupils should be educated in a way that enables them to work at the highest level, in accordance with their ability and interest.

This policy is an integral part of the Academy’s broader development of maximum inclusion of educational opportunity for all pupils and reflects our commitment to providing an environment in which all pupils are enabled to realise their potential. By co-ordinating and building upon good practice, we seek to develop provision that is in line with the National Curriculum but which also enriches, extends and differentiates, thereby allowing every pupil who has been identified as able, gifted or talented to reach his or her full potential.

Definition of able, gifted and talented

‘Able’ refers to students who achieve, or have the ability to achieve, above average compared with other students in their year group in one or more National Curriculum subjects.

‘Gifted’ refers to students who achieve, or have the ability to achieve, significantly above average compared with other students in their year group in one or more National Curriculum subjects other than art, performing arts or physical education.

‘Talented’ refers to students who achieve, or have the ability to achieve, significantly above average compared with other students in their year group in art, performing arts, physical education or in areas requiring visio-spatial skills.

Identification of gifted and talented pupils

In this Academy there are six criteria that are recognised as being Academy wide attributes of able, gifted and talented students. These are:

  • Enthusiasm and curiosity for the subject and for learning
  • Ability to grasp new concepts, content and vocabulary
  • Keenness to develop their work and extend their ideas
  • Willingness to work independently and outside of lesson time
  • Ability to put/use a new idea in context
  • Clear communication, justification and reasoning

Beyond this, individual departments have their own criteria, which are available alongside the Academy criteria on the website for parents/carers to access. Departments identify able, gifted and talented students based on any number of these criteria and students are recorded on the register. There is also an option for students to be recorded as potential if they are close to meeting sufficient criteria. Students do not need to fulfil all criteria for a department, but will be satisfying several for any one department in order to be identified by that department as able, gifted or talented.

Curriculum provision

The Academy aims to:

  • Provide a curriculum for gifted and talented pupils that is academically rigorous, intellectually stimulating and sufficiently flexible to meet their educational, social and emotional needs; and
  • Utilise a range of strategies to improve the learning and teaching of gifted and talented pupils. These may include:
    • Enrichment opportunities
    • Extension activities
    • Activities differentiated by task/outcome/pace
    • Accelerated learning
    • Opportunities for pupils to initiate discussion and to think creatively
    • Tasks involving individual research and problem solving
    • Activities which produce high order thinking skills

These strategies will be incorporated into schemes of work where appropriate. At all times the wellbeing of the pupil is paramount.

Where appropriate the Academy will support the professional development of teachers requiring relevant training in the delivery of teaching and learning strategies for gifted and talented pupils.

Out-of-academy provision

The Academy will also provide out-of-hours learning opportunities. These will support mainstream education and wherever possible fully integrate with it.

These may include:

  • Summer schools
  • Twilight or weekend sessions
  • Residential activities
  • Extra-curricular clubs and activities
  • Family learning opportunities

Pupil grouping

All identified pupils will work with pupils of the same chronological age so that they are part of a normal peer group.

When placed in ability sets, pupils will have the opportunity to work with other pupils of similar abilities thus allowing challenge to take place, with extension and enrichment as required.

In mixed ability classes, gifted and talented pupils will have access to differentiated tasks.

Where the need arises, there will be the opportunity for acceleration allowing some pupils to move through the curriculum at a faster rate and for pupils to be withdrawn for individual support if appropriate.

The Academy will arrange special provision for exceptionally gifted or talented pupils for specific teaching and mentoring.


Able, gifted and talented students in the academy will be monitored in line with academy policy, with feedback given to parents/carers through the academy reporting system. Where students are not making expected progress, support can be offered from the raising achievement team.

Monitoring, evaluation and review

The Academy will review this policy at least every two years and assess its implementation and effectiveness. The policy will be promoted and implemented throughout the Academy.

The Principal will report of the effectiveness of the policy to the governing body as appropriate.