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Able, gifted, and talented

At Charter, lessons are calm and focussed. Teachers teach free from interruption. Teachers are taught to pitch high, pre-empt high frequency errors, develop their teaching to enhance memorisation, and to schedule activities to develop pupil confidence and automaticity of recall.

Teachers are taught to teach pupils subject specific Grade 9 habits. Pupils are taught that they are “top of the pyramid” and that, as such, they should aim high.

Pupils are taught that hard work is more important than innate talent and that they should avoid complacency or hubris.

The culture of the school clearly values academic achievement. Poetry recitation from memory is a core aspect of school culture. Teachers and pupils engage in this together with each encouraging the other.

At Charter, it is cool to be knowledgeable, to participate, to work with teachers, to succeed academically.

All teachers insist on full sentence responses, core vocabulary that must be included in responses, is used to challenge and support all pupils. Lesson starts and ends are used to develop recall.

Extra homework, video and internet links and other resources are also recommended to pupils who wish to extend their learning still further.