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Special educational needs

At Norwich Primary Academy we are committed to working together with all members of our school community and we encourage all children to be the best they can be. We provide a curriculum and an environment in which all children can develop their personalities, skills and abilities, intellectually, socially and academically. We teach in a challenging and enjoyable way in order to achieve this.  

All members of our learning community are:

  • Supported to make the best progress they can;
  • Stretched and challenged;
  • Taught to challenge themselves;
  • Taught good learning behaviour;
  • Expected to engage fully in learning;
  • Shown how to learn from mistakes;
  • Encouraged to take risks in their learning.

Through good planning, preparation, high-quality teaching and support we intend to break down all barriers to learning and develop an environment where all children want to and can learn and achieve. 

For more information on our provision for pupils with special educational needs, please see our SEND reports below, and our inclusion policy.

Local offer

Details of the Norfolk local offer can be found at