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Changes to the academy day

Published on 13/12/18

The daily timetable at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy's Salisbury Road site is changing after the Christmas break.

From January, all pupils will have one lunch break all together instead of a split lunch. This may alter the start and finish times of some of your child's lessons. However, the start and end times of the school day remain the same for all pupils.

The revised academy week will be as follows:

Time Monday and
8.45 - 9am Registration Registration
9 - 10am Period 1 Period 1
10 - 11am Period 2 Period 2
11 - 11.15am Break Break
11.15am - 12.15pm Period 3 Period 3
12.15 - 1.15pm Period 4 Period 4
1.15 - 1.50pm Lunch Lunch
1.50 - 2.50pm Period 5 Period 5
2.50 - 3.50pm - Period 6

Please be advised that the gate will shut at 8.40am every morning. Pupils who arrive after this time will need to enter the school via Salisbury Road. If your child is late they will automatically receive a lunchtime detention.