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Music teacher hits headlines with debut music video

Published on 21/11/18

A Great Yarmouth Charter teacher has hit the headlines after teaming up with an award-winning author on her debut music video.

Music teacher Mrs Hawker teamed up with international best-selling author Louis de Bernières for the collaboration, a move picked up by the local press and the BBC.

The writer, whose novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was turned in to a hit movie starring Nicolas Cage and Penélope Cruz, played acoustic guitar to accompany Mrs Hawker's vocals on her new song, called Trance.

Mrs Hawker said: “It’s really important for children to see people they know and from their town doing well, so for pupils to see their teacher working to achieve her dreams has made them think: ‘I could do that too!‘“

“Many have brought me lyrics about painful subjects and I have helped them make these into songs. It’s a real privilege,” she said.

The two artistes met at the Norfolk Academy of Gymnastics near Attleborough, where their daughters were training. 

Louis said: “Mrs Hawker is a delight to work with. She has contributed an enormous amount to my recordings with her voice and violin and I am glad to have contributed a little to hers too.”

Much of the video was filmed underwater in a swimming pool in Hingham, but producer Donovan Jones has made it appear to be in Ketteringham Hall’s lake. The hall’s atmospheric staircase and forested grounds, are both used as locations for the Trance video.

Trance crosses the divide between jazzy pop and classical, using acoustic and electric instruments. The two musicians are looking to organise a mini tour of the UK next summer.