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Ofsted letter praises improvements at Charter

Published on 13/03/18

School inspectors have praised a series of improvements at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy.

Ofsted made an unannounced visit to the academy in February to review progress since we became an academy in the summer.

In their report, inspectors tell how pupils once "dreaded" going to school but that "all of the large number of pupils who spoke with inspectors said that they now feel safe at school."

The report says that bullying has "declined considerably because it is tackled effectively" and that lessons take place in a "calm and orderly environment" with "positive" relationships between pupils and teachers.

It says attendance at the school is improving, with inspectors writing that "high attendance is celebrated; pupils who have received awards for full attendance wear their gold '100' badges with pride and the number receiving those is rising."

"The increased emphasis on rewarding pupils for their punctuality, behaviour and achievement is also promoting good conduct," the report says.

As part of the visit, inspectors considered 69 responses to Ofsted's parent questionnaire, and 40 responses from staff. They said that concerns from parents that strict behaviour rules might disadvantage pupils with special need or disabilities were unfounded.

"Teachers and pupils told inspectors that in their view, the behaviour policy is applied with due regard to individual needs. Such an approach was evident during the inspection," said the report.

Ofsted said that governers and the Inspiration Trust are providing "valued support and incisive challenge" to the school's leadership team, with particular support for Year 11 pupils and for pupils with special needs.

Inspectors said the academy should continue to work on improving behaviour and attendance.

Headmaster Barry Smith said: "This report clearly sets out the improvements that have taken place at Charter, because pupils and staff are now working together.

"The Ofsted inspectors saw what we see everyday, which is our warm but strict approach making sure that pupils can learn and teachers can teach."