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Thetford students win police awards for good deed

Published on 03/11/16

Three students from Thetford Academy have received certificates from Breckland police after returning a forgotten purse to its owner.

Jack Hutcherson, Jack Austin, and Harry Cromwell were in Subway in Thetford when they noticed that another customer had left her purse on the table as she walked out of the shop.

Jack Hutcherson said: “I called to the lady but she did not answer, so I ran down the street to give the purse to her. She looked happy and glad she got it back.”

The students’ good deed earned them all ‘Certificates of Positive Notice’, under a new pilot scheme run by Breckland Council, the emergency services, and local businesses to recognise positive behaviour by young people in the community.

The certificates can be exchanged for a range of prizes, and the boys picked cinema vouchers for their reward.

They also received vouchers for a free sub from Subway.

Thetford Academy’s senior assistant principal Iain Mackintosh praised the students, saying: “These positive notices tie in with recognising how good the young people of Thetford actually are.

"They prove this day in and day out, and we need to recognise that.”