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Cambridge trip multiplies maths students’ knowledge

Published on 15/12/16

Maths students from Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form have visited Cambridge to learn from some of the country’s top mathematicians.

The Maths Inspiration day was held on Tuesday, December 6 at the West Road Concert Hall in the heart of Cambridge city centre, as part of a national programme of interactive maths lectures for teenagers.

The students enjoyed talks from leading statistician Sir David Spiegelhalter on ‘The Subtle Science Of Uncertainty’, science presenter Steve Mould on ‘Weird And Wonderful Maths’, and mathematician Colin Wright on ‘Patterns, Predictions And Juggling’ - with actual juggling used to demonstrate solutions to numerical problems.

The trip also gave an opportunity for the sixth formers to get a taste of Cambridge life, with a look around Trinity College, where Sir Isaac Newton himself studied from 1661 to 1665.

Maths teacher Mark Cassidy said: “It was an exciting and inspiring day, and a great chance for our young mathematicians to come together with students from across the region to hear some fantastic speakers.”