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Sir Isaac Newton students race for space

Published on 28/11/16

Students at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form are putting their science and maths skills to the test in a competition to launch a balloon into space.

They will be competing against schools in Norfolk and Africa as part of the Yellobric Space Race.

The team which gets its craft to the highest altitude will win £1,000 of astronomy equipment for its school.

A small group of Year 12 and 13 students at Sir Isaac Newton have been busy designing and programming their spacecraft using Raspberry Pi computers, ahead of a planned launch next March.

The race has been organised by Norfolk charity Yellobric, which works with schools in South Africa and Ethiopia to improve literacy and combat poverty through online education.

Each Norfolk school has been given a partner school in Africa, with Sir Isaac Newton partnering with a school in South Africa.

The Sir Isaac team will be in regular contact with its partner school to share ideas and track each other’s progress.

Students at Sir Isaac are also creating a mascot for the partner school which will be sent up with its spacecraft, and they will be doing the same for us.

Sir Isaac Newton’s IT technician Mark Dumpleton said: “This is an absolutely incredible opportunity for our students to achieve something completely out of the ordinary while studying for their A Levels at our pioneering science and maths sixth form.

"Not only do our students get to send a payload to near space, they will be building lasting relationships with schools in Africa.

"A huge thanks has to go to the charity Yellobric for running the project both here and in Africa.”