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It’s a gas as school celebrates science day

Published on 17/06/19

Norwich Primary children were bubbling with excitement as they blew up balloons, got stuck into slime, and made marshmallow catapults in a day of practical science fun.

The school’s Science Day on Tuesday, June 11 saw pupils get hands-on with messy experiments and explore the scientific theories behind them.

Year 1 children learned about different gases and how they are made, and were challenged to inflate a balloon without blowing into it.

They mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in a bottle, using the carbon dioxide gas created by the reaction to blow up their balloons.

Year 2’s challenge was to make a square bubble, using a cube frame made from pipe cleaners.

Children from other classes made slime from cornflour, explored Newton’s laws of motion using marshmallow catapults, and found out about density by creating lava lamps.

Vice principal Heather Denny said: “The children had a brilliant hands-on learning experience which really helped them to think about the impact of science in our everyday lives.”