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Class enjoy a flipping great Pancake Day

Published on 05/03/19

Children at Norwich Primary Academy had stacks of fun as they celebrated Pancake Day with one of their favourite story books.

The Year 1 class whetted their appetites with Mr Wolf’s Pancakes, Jan Fearnley’s much-loved picture book featuring a hungry wolf and his greedy fairytale neighbours.

In the book, Mr Wolf wants to make some pancakes but can’t read the recipe, hasn’t got any of the ingredients, and doesn’t know how to bake. His selfish neighbours like Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs don’t want to help, but do want to gobble up the tasty treats.

After writing their own versions of the story the children whipped up their own delicious pile of fresh pancakes and ate them all up – just like Mr Wolf in the book.