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Cathedral visit in-spires young artists

Published on 05/07/18

Year 6 pupils at Norwich Primary had lots of artistic fun when they visited Norwich Cathedral for an art workshop.

The pupils were taught to paint in traditional egg tempura by award-winning artist Maz Jackson.

After a tour taking in the artwork in and around the Cathedral, including the famous bosses (stone roof sculptures) and the new stained glass windows, pupils were shown various natural pigments such as sienna from Tuscany and lapis lazuli from Afghanistan.

Maz demonstrated how to make paint from the pigments by adding a small amount of distilled water and an egg yolk.

Using a specialist 'rigger brush', pupils copied images of the roof bosses. They painted on wooden boards that had Egyptian cotton stretched over them and primed with a special white paint mixture called gesso.

Teacher Andrew Page said: "The results were wonderful thanks to the quality of the materials and the brilliant attitude of the pupils who concentrated so well. 

"Altogether, it was an extremely worthwhile day, packed with learning and memorable experiences and rounded off by the Cathedral staff commenting on the politeness of the pupils."