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Used laptops to help Malawi children

Published on 23/02/17

Children in Malawi are set to benefit from old laptops donated by Norwich Primary Academy.

The school, which has recently installed new Google Chromebooks for its pupils to use, is donating 80 used laptops to the Norwich-Dedza Partnership, a charity that offers support to communities in the Dedza region of Malawi in south-east Africa.

The laptops will be refurbished and shipped to Dedza in April, where they will be distributed to community services including a school for the deaf, library, hospital, orphanage, and an HIV/Aids support organisation.

The donation was suggested by the school's Helen Carr, whose family has supported the project in the past.

"I gather mum's last laptop, which was years old and she thought was finished, landed up in the office of the highest ranking local government official there because it was thought so good," said Helen.

Malawi is one of the world’s least developed countries, and its schools are desperately in need of basic resources such as books, desks, and IT equipment.

Norwich Primary Academy principal Tessa Holledge said: “We are very fortunate to have first-class resources at our school, and it’s fantastic that old laptops that we no longer need can benefit children in another country.

“Our pupils are looking forward to hearing about where the laptops end up in Malawi and how they help the children in those communities.”