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Young scientists have a smashing time

Published on 30/03/17

Students at Jane Austen College have smashed eggs, made elephants’ toothpaste, and baked space cakes in a week-long celebration of science. 

The school took part in British Science Week from March 10 to 19, with spectacular demonstrations, competitions, and hands-on activities.

The young scientists put on their thinking caps for the egg drop challenge, inventing ingenious methods from parachutes to peanut butter tubs to protect their eggs from breaking when dropped – some of which were more successful than others.

Science teacher Daniel Tugwell wowed students with his demonstrations, making a foamy fountain of ‘elephants’ toothpaste’, and sending sparks flying in a thermite reaction to produce molten iron.

The week also saw students take part in a science quiz, a poster and poem competition, slime making, and a science-themed cake contest which was won by Year 8 student Ellie Ringwood’s out-of-this-world space cake.

Principal Rebecca Handley-Kirk said: “Our science team worked extremely hard to make this a fantastic and learning-packed week, which the students and staff enjoyed immensely.”