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Girls empowered at WOW festival

Published on 03/05/18

Students from The Hewett Academy have had their say on ways to make the world a better place for young women.

They tackled issues facing girls and young women at the Norwich Women Of the World festival, held at Open last month.

Marking 100 years since women won the vote, the 2018 WOW festival took place in 23 cities across the world to celebrate women and girls and raise global awareness of the issues they face.

With support from the Norwich Writer’s Centre and UEA volunteers, the Hewett students took part in a survey exploring topics such as gender inequality, stereotyping, and the impact of social media on young women’s lives.

The students put forward their ideas for a manifesto to improve the lives of girls and young women in their community.

Reflecting the Suffragette movement’s use of print to spread their ideas, they took part in a printing workshop and used antique wooden type to make posters and bookmarks representing their positive qualities as young women.

Teacher Rebecca Lunn said: “The students enthusiastically shared their thoughts on what they would like to see change in the near future for girls, and how they could contribute to that change.

“They had a great day and represented The Hewett Academy flawlessly.”