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Workshop puts young poets on the right lines

Published on 19/06/17

Young poets at The Hewett Academy are well versed in public performing thanks to a workshop led by performance poet Rosy Carrick.

Rosy guided the group of Year 9 students through writing and performing poems about themselves by tapping into subjects close to their hearts, like politics, friendships, and football.

She shared her tips on how to give a confident performance by standing tall, speaking clearly, and not panicking if something goes a bit wrong.

Rosy, who has performed at venues from the Glastonbury and Latitude festivals to the Royal Albert Hall, told students: “I still sometimes get so scared that it feels like I’m going to be sick.

“You just have to embrace the fear and do it anyway.”

She was impressed by the students’ self-assured recitals of their poems in front of their classmates: “They all came up with really cool stuff and were so brave and enthusiastic about reading aloud!”

Some of the students will be selected to take part in the Fly Festival Poetry Slam contest in July, as part of the University of East Anglia’s Festival of Literature for Young People.