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Fine city is still great, say history students

Published on 04/05/17

Young historians from The Hewett Academy have proudly defended their city’s reputation in a public speaking contest held by the Norwich Freemen.

The team of sixth form history students debated with teams from Norwich School, Norwich High School for Girls, and Notre Dame High in the Great Norwich History Competition on Wednesday, May 3.

Ben Holland took to the stage of Open on Bank Plain to deliver the team’s presentation, contesting the motion that ‘Norwich ceased to be a great city after 1750’.

Team Hewett argued that Norwich’s rich history and pioneering character continue to make it a great city.

The debate was held as part of the Norwich Freemen’s 700th anniversary celebrations.

The Freemen were originally the governing body of the city, with special rights to trade freely and conduct business.

In modern times, the Freemen continue to play an important cultural role in Norwich, raising money to make educational grants, and promoting and celebrating the city’s heritage.

The Hewett Academy's head of sixth form Ben Nagy said: “Our students did us proud and gained a great deal of knowledge about the wonderful city we live in.

“By taking part in this debate they have developed their skills in debating, presentation, and research – which are looked upon very favourably by universities and employers.”