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EPA 50 book challenge launched

Published on 11/01/17

Students at East Point are being challenged to read 50 books during their time at the academy.

Teachers have selected nearly 200 books for students to pick from, ranging from classic texts from authors like Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy to more recently published works like the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series.

As students work their way through the list they can earn merit points, starting at 10 merits for reading five books and rising to 100 merits for bookworms that devour 50 of the titles.

Literacy co-ordinate Mary-Jane King said: "The books have been selected by the academy to expand boundaries, enhance vocabulary, make students more knowledgeable and take them to the limits of their imagination."

Students at the academy have already proved their love of reading after becoming the country's first Master School in the Accelerated Reader programme last year.

The full list of books can be found here.