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Students make waves with sea-themed poetry

Published on 21/05/18

Young poets from East Point Academy have harnessed the sea’s power as part of a community art project.

The Year 7 students got involved in the Flipside Festival’s Watertight Words scheme, which is creating artworks around Lowestoft inspired by the town’s relationship with the ocean.

Historian Ivan Bunn, from the Suffolk Records Office, gave an insight into the history of flooding and flood management in Lowestoft during a special assembly.

Students then penned their own ocean-going odes in a workshop led by poet Dean Parkin.

Poems from the scheme will be used in temporary art installations around the town during the construction of Lowestoft’s new flood defences, with a permanent piece of artwork being engraved in a glass section of the new sea wall.

Student Nicole said: “I enjoyed writing the poem and the different words for the sea. It was also interesting to see the different places in Lowestoft that got flooded.”

The Relaxing Sea by Alice

The relaxing sea trickles calmly,
creating baby waves as it strolls up the beach.
It tickles my feet as I sit at the edge of the water.
Sparkling water pushes the sand as if to say,
'Come back. Don't go.'        

The warmth, once again, lures me back
to tell me another story about all of the boats and ships
that once sailed upon it.
The stories that it tells me are long
but I love them
Just like the stories my gran used to tell me.

The Ferocious Sea by Frankie

The ferocious sea is harsh and malicious
like a dragon defending its nest.
The ferocious sea was to destroy all towns and houses
... anything inhabited by humans.
The sea remembers all the people's lives it's ruined.
The ferocious sea is secretly a fish guardian.

The Playful Sea and Me by Chloe

The playful sea tickles the sand,
The playful sea wants to drag people in,
making friends and never letting go
because he's lonely.            

The playful sea remembers a time when it was
clean, tidy and welcoming
and when he saw happy, joyful faces of adults and children.

The playful sea's secret is
that he has been lonely for a long time.
He has planned his invasion of Lowestoft carefully,
desperately looking for a perfect friend to take with him.

The playful sea chuckles and under each breath whispers,
"Come and play with me...
Please... I'm so lonely...
I won't keep you for long.