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Ofsted praise for East Point

Published on 14/12/17

East Point has been praised by Ofsted as part of the release of the school watchdog's annual report.

In her first annual report as Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools, Amanda Spielman highlighted the national problem of schools with long term problems that have failed to improve.

But discussing the local picture Ofsted regional director Paul Brooker praised East Point Academy as a school that had not only "really turned things around - but has sustained it”.

In its October 2016 inspection, East Point was rated Good overall with Outstanding leadership and management.

In results this summer, students recorded the school's best ever results and the highest Progress 8 score in Suffolk. The results placed it in the top 3% in the country.

Principal Richard Dolding said: "We had really strong results in summer 2016, and it was great that we not only sustained that but improved on it in summer 2017.

"We've had great support from the local community and from our local primaries, and the hard work is really showing and we aim to keep improving."