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Update for parents

Published on 13/03/17

Important update for parents from principal Richard Dolding.

Dear parent,

I am sorry to have to relay to you that we were informed by police this morning of the sad news of the death of one of our Year 11 students over the weekend. The police are treating it as an unexpected but not suspicious death at this time. For the privacy of the family, we are not publicly naming the student.

This is upsetting news for the whole school community, and we will be providing support for students with the help of Suffolk County Council's critical incident support team. They have experienced counsellors who can help guide students through their responses and reactions. I have also spoken to all students today, through a series of year group assemblies.

Young people who experience a tragic event such as this will try and make sense of what happened. It’s quite normal for them to be upset for quite a while. They may feel angry, sad, guilty, scared, confused or any combination of feelings. They will worry less if you can help them to see that their reactions are normal and understandable. You can help them feel safe by sticking to their normal routines as much as possible and continuing with everyday activities.

Your child may or may not want to talk about it, but it is likely that they will need your special care, attention and reassurance in the coming days.

We will try to keep the school as normal as possible, with additional support available. If you have any specific concerns for your child, please do let us know.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Dolding