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School’s new recycling scheme is plastic fantastic

Published on 10/01/19

Pupils at Cromer Academy have made a new year’s resolution to reduce plastic waste through a new recycling scheme.

Every classroom now has bins for recycling plastic waste, such as drinks bottles, alongside cardboard and paper.

The green scheme was suggested by the school’s student council following a meeting last year with North Norfolk District Council’s then cabinet member for the environment Hilary Cox, who pledged to support the school’s eco-friendly plans.

Headteacher Antony Little said: "The students at Cromer are incredibly environmentally aware and we are pleased to support them in their plans to improve our local and global environments. 

“In addition to recycling we are working with our catering team to reduce and reuse plastics in school, and our student council have lots of ideas about how to cut down even more on the amount of plastic we throw away.”